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ALU fixtures are created for beautiful and functional in store displays. The modular design of the various systems makes ALU ideal for every space. You can create the space you have always imagined with a combination of ALU units and accessories for all types of merchandise and communication, including units with incorporated lighting features.


Reconfigure ALU fixtures by choosing from a wide range of accessories or swapping their placement on the same framework. 


Design and redesign your space by changing and rearranging your ALU fixtures over and over.

Freestanding &
Easy to Install

ALU fixtures don’t need to be anchored to a wall or floor. They are simple to install and dismantle at any time.

Quality & Durability

ALU’s long lasting, high quality materials make ALU stand out from the rest. Configure and reconfigure as much as your needs require without your system failing.

Flatpack & Stock Ready

Shipped in flatpacks, your entire shop can be packed and ready for transport in an instant.

Environmental Impact

Modular systems with a high degree of adaptability guarantee a longer useful life further improving their environmental impact.

ALU can outfit your shop for one all-inclusive price.


ALU’s highly engineered lighted systems give a new layer of design to your space. Bring your products into the light and showcase them like never before.

PLOT Illuminated featuring lighted shelves and our 24” magnetic diffused light attachment.

TQ Illuminated Kiosk at ALU’s Temporary Milan Showroom in 2018.

TQ Illuminated Kiosk for the Himba Collection 2019 at Libreria Palazzo Roberti.

TondoQuadro Illuminated in the ALU Mexico Showroom.


From fashion to food and everything in between, ALU has partnered with many brands in designing their stores.


Bloomingdale’s Pride PopUp

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta


Macy’s Story

Periodic Shop Cuts


The Sixth Space

Wanted Design

Oever Art Gallery in Belgium

Vans concept store in Milan

Learn more about our modular solutions and co-create your shop with ALU.

ALU Modular Systems


Achieve simple elegance by mixing and matching PLOT’s round steel tube profiles with hidden connectors. The possibilities are endless.


A brilliant combination of round and square tubes, TQ has a configuration for everything. Simply pick it up and move it thanks to TQ’s sturdy architecture.


Pure function. Easy up. Easy down. Anywhere. Anytime. AUTOPOLE is a high-tech, low touch, effortless, tension mounted display system.


Sleek, solid, strong, and refined, SLASH’s rectangular slotted profile offers an endless range of visual solutions.

ALU Company

Coming from the world of photography, ALU is an Italian company with international experience in the design and development of modular display systems in the retail store design industry.


With a wide range of products that varies from ready-made systems that can be personalized to fully customized fixtures, we offer end-to-end retail services, including product & production engineering, manufacturing & logistics, and retail store execution.

This high-quality product assortment offers extraordinary flexibility, ease to use and ingenious functionality, allowing designers to be at the peak of their creativity.

Our renewed commitment to the development of innovative systems and collections strengthens our ability to react fast, adapt and resolve bespoke specifications. 

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